Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Day of Reckoning

Okay, so I've come to the end of my 8 month program and it is time to assess my successes and failures.

I have succeeded to some degree in modifying my eating, water in take and exercising habits and I am grateful for that. I see though that I find it extremely difficult to maintain momentum. This of course is not some great discovery. It's what people struggling with losing weight run aground on all the time.

I am pleased that I have lost weight and cm on my body. I tend to see greater changes in the way my clothes fit than on the scale. I am disappointed though that my inconsistency meant that I spent more time stalled or backtracking than losing.

27th August

30th April

Total Lost

Weight - 90kgs.

Weight - 79.8

10.2 kgs

Bust - 112cm

Bust - 106cm

6 cm

Waist - 95cm

Waist - 86cm

9 cm

Hips - 113cm

Hips - 107cm

6 cm

Photos of my body are always hard for me to look at. Too much reality!!! I don't see much difference between the before and after and that is very disappointing. I mean ... I guess I look a little less like an overstuffed blown up doll ready to bust out of her skin now but only a little. :(

Yesterday, I saw an adult woman in the supermarket whose thighs were smaller than my arms. How is that POSSIBLE??? I wanted to take a picture of her thighs or just walk up to her and ask if she would mind if I measured the circumference of her thighs just to compare them to my freakishly large arms, but I had neither a camera nor a tape measure and she probably would have had me arrested for harassment or something anyway ... and I wouldn't blame her a bit.

The Present
I've learnt a lot over the pasts 8 months and I hope to apply some of that knowledge over the next 8 months as I try to achieve my goal of losing 24.8 kgs and achieve my goal weight of 55kgs. I am going to continue my focus on eating well, exercising, increasing my water intake and I'm going to add some vitamins supplements like flax meal and a few other things to support my body a little more.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about the photos. I'll be posting my last batch of photos soon. Takes a long time to condense and edit.


  1. We are our own worst critics I know but honestly I can see a big differnece in all the shots particulary the side and rear ones. You deserve to be proud of your acheivements. And remember if we didn't fail at things we would never learn.

  2. Well, for one thing, your butt is higher, smaller and has a definite shape in the rear-view picture!!! And your thighs are definitely smaller!

    I also question the before and after picture process in-progress though because sometimes it IS hard to see the difference you've been working so hard for. Better to do it as a gauge, but the first before and the final after are the ones that show the most difference - and you're not there yet.

    Your progress is amazing though! And because you're taking it slowly, it's much more likely to stick - especially if you really and truly are changing your habits for the healthier. It's an ongoing process and you're smack in the middle of it.

    Way to go!!!!

  3. You look great! The difference between August and now is very radical. Though you looked great in August (especially from behind), your body has a nicer overall shape now. In regards to your arms, you might consider doing biceps curls and triceps pulldowns so that you can work out your arms and perhaps tone them a bit.

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I've truly enjoyed following your journey. I love reading your insightful posts! Congratulations on your success thus far!

  5. Well done. I see a difference in the photos. In the front shot I can definetely see it round the hip area and in the side shot your tummy is much flatter. Hurray!

  6. I know how you feel looking at before and after pictures. For what it's worth, I can see that you have slimmed down and look more toned.

  7. Are you starting another blog, or just walking away? Best wishes!

  8. So, Nona - how's it going? Have you continued your journey or have you stopped for a while? I miss seeing you!

  9. ?

    Where are you, dear girl?


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