Friday, 7 January 2011

Whoever said blogging was easy???

My my it has been a long time hasn't it?

Well for my first (and hopefully not last) post for 2011 thought I'd share a few goals I'd love to achieve this year.

First, I had a pretty good year in 2010 with weight loss but between family visits and the holiday celebrations, I have been gaining and losing the same couple of kgs. for the past few months. Have now re-established my customary routine and am looking forward to shedding my remaining weight and reach my goal of 55kgs. this year.

Secondly, I have resurrected my inner minimalism. My husband and I live and work in a small flat and what with personal effects, books, art materials and college paperwork we have been feeling simply suffocated lately. Even though we aren't big shoppers, we've just accumulated too much stuff over the years and so much of it we just don't need. So on Monday we began a GREAT PURGE. Our general goal is to sell, donate, give away, recycle or bin everything we don't need (haven't used in the past 6 months) or love and to digitalise whatever we can and get rid of the hard copies. Whatever survives the GREAT PURGE has to have a comfortable home. Nothing can be on the floor except the furniture and every surface has to be clear save the choice piece of art or decoration. We're about 1/4 way through this massive undertaking and have already made about £200 from selling just a few things on line. More than anything though I feel this incredible sense of freedom, lightness and clearheadedness.

Thirdly in keeping with my desire to reduce waste and consumption, my new goal for acquiring stuff is that I will only buy what I absolutely need and if I see something I don't need but I absolutely love, I have to wait for 30 days before I can buy it. If I still want it after 30 days then I can have it, IF I find a comfortable home for it in our apartment and IF I pay cash.

Which brings me to my fourth and final goal, this year I want to see if I can live without using credit cards. I have cut up my joint credit cards with my husband and have frozen my personal credit card. This means I'll have to use my debit card or PayPal for online purchases if and when I make them. Can't wait to see how all this works out.


  1. Hey you:)

    I love decluttering!!!!

  2. Thanks for the follow on my blog! I love your "about me" section. Funny! You have great goals in mind. I like the finances goal, I will follow your lead and work on mine as well. Too many times myself and my husband buy impulsively. Thanks again!! Annie

  3. I've got a "hit list" for my house. Stuff that needs to be fixed, cleaned or decluttered. I'm setting a day a month to devote to that.

    Thanks for coming to find me! I hadn't heard from you in a while... figured you may have given up the blog. After a lot of consideration, I decided blogging about it wasn't actually helping and might even be hindering my efforts - so I quit.

    You should go visit late October/early November to read about my trip to Korea! That was seriously one of the coolest trips ever!

    Congratulations on your success! Me? Starting over again...

  4. The holidays are always the worst don`t sweat it. I am sure 2011 will bring you some amazing things!


  5. I am glad to see you back and I hope 2011 is great for you. Look forward to reading your new posts this year.

  6. I love a good de-cluttering!!! I always feel so good after doing it....even if it is just doing one drawer or one cupboard. If you can make some money doing it...all the better!!

  7. Great idea about waiting 30 days to buy things. Over New Years my husband, my daughter (1 year old) and I headed to the beach (about 2 hr drive). We stopped along the way because my daughter was not happy being in the car that long. We went for a walk in a small town and stopped into a book shop, which had every book on sale for $5. The only thing that stopped me buying about 20 books was the fact that I have left my handbag in the car. I decided on the trip home we would stop again to pick up a few books, but by the time we were going home I had remembered I could just borrow the books from the library - so saved money and space (in my also quite small apartment).

  8. I thought I already left a comment.... Oh well, glad to see you back, I missed ya! Great work with all the cleaning and purging, I love that feeling when you throw stuff away. All the best for 2011.

  9. I think that is fantastic. Simplifying and de-cluttering can lift the spirit, too. I wish you well. We're on the same quest, not using the credit card, paying down bills. Being more intentional with our money. Small steps, but changes that I can see working.

  10. Hi There,

    I just started following you and I love your blog. Please join my weight loss blog and lets support eachother!

    Awesome job on your success!
    See you soon,


  11. long time indeed, nona! those are great goals, especially the one about minimalism. recently i threw out a bunch of stuff i was hoarding and it feels so so good.

  12. The GREAT PURGE. I love it! YES! I am feeling the same way... time to simplify.
    When we move into our new little home, very little clutter will be moving with us!
    We are also watching what we spend as well. NO credit cards for me either. Debit or paypal.
    And I am going to get healthy and lose this weight once and for all in 2011~
    Have a pretty day!


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