Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Day 229 - Just for Today

Quote for today:
"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." Scott Reed

I was thinking about something Livy said. At the end of one of her comments here, she encouraged me to have faith in myself. I was thinking about that and talking to my partner today about how many things I've talked about doing that I have not done. It's so much easier for me to talk, dream or fantasize about something than to actually do it. Every time that I have set a goal and failed or let a dream slip by, it has chiseled away at my faith in myself - my self-belief and self-esteem. I am very short on both.

Daily I am challenged to remember that this commitment to lose weight requires faith in myself and I am not honoring myself if I break it because I'm having a bad day, or a friend wants me to share something with her that is not on my food plan right now, or because I would rather hurt myself than say "NO" and risk hurting someone else.

I can't control how quickly I lose the 35kgs/77lbs I want to lose, but everyday I wake up I tell myself that just for the day I am going to set the goal for myself of eating my meals from my selected food plan and getting at least 1/2 hour exercise. Perhaps this is how faith in one's self is developed. I can certainly say that every night that I get into bed having honored, protected and achieved my goal my self-belief and self-esteem feel stronger.

B - 217
1 cup of 2% yogurt - 100
1 nectarine - 74
1 tbls of agave - 43

L- 301
140 g tofu - 201
2 cups of soup- 100

D - 428
2 oz cheese - 228
3 cups mixed vegetables - 100
1tbls. fat - 100

S - 303
1 cup yogurt - 260
1 tbls. agave - 43

Calories - 1249
Exercise - 1/2 hr. elliptical trainer
4 cups of water


  1. This post is an ideal example of how you need to delve into the depths of who you really are, and discover what you really want. You CAN and WILL be 55kgs if you set your mind to it. It will happen if you want it badly enough. Your self esteem will go through the roof as you see each 500 grams of fat disapear from your body forever. I feel so good already, I cannot imagine what I am going to feel like in another 10kgs.
    I'm not sure if half an hours excercise a day is enough. I know that 30 minutes is what is recognised by Drs and health proffessionals for a person at their ideal weight, to maintain their current weight. But, for people like us, we need to do more. I do one hours cardio 5 days a week. Everyone has different opinions on this, and I know that too much cardio is counterproductive, so maybe you could talk to a trainer or local gym expert?
    Anyway, talk more about you. I want to know what you do for a living, what music and movies you like, you obviously have a partner but no kids... tell us more!

  2. Amazing things can be accomplished one day at a time. I quit smoking like that. People quit drinking like that. We can lose all the weight we need to like that. "One day at a time" is a powerful concept and it works for people like us. We don't have to be good all week, all month, all year. Just today.

    We can have naughty stuff tomorrow. We can be lazy tomorrow.

    Then we make the same commitment tomorrow when we get up. Just for today.

  3. Talking about, fantasizing, etc., are all part of visualization which can also be good and motivating.

    Keep on working and thinking on everything. You can do it.


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