Sunday, 21 October 2007

Day 191

I had a wonderful tennis lesson today. I really like my coach. She has a wonderful manner and teaching style and makes learning fun. I have only been learning for three weeks but I am working fairly seriously at it and am amazed by how much I have improved in such a short time.

Today, I tackled my wardrobe. Ugghh!!! I don't have masses and masses of clothes but I did have quite a few stored in a suitcase so I wanted to sort them so I know what I have available as I lose weight. I was a little surprised to find that the bulk of my clothes are UK 6/US 4. I can't believe that I actually wore this size for many years. I kept these clothes because I always believed I'd return to this size. Little did I know it it would take such a long time. I also have one or two UK 10/US 8, one or two UK 14/US 12, and a few pieces for the size I am now UK 16/US 14.

One of the reasons I don't have many clothes in sizes above UK 6/US 4 is because when I started to put on weight I bought mostly stretchy clothes. I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN! Stretchy clothes though more comfortable allowed me to grow without the limitation of a set waistband to make me more aware that I was growing. Obviously, this is not the only reason I put on weight with such abandon but it did make it easier for me to distance my mind from what I was doing to my body. In any case, I think I have enough smart and casual clothes to tie me over as my body changes and I am happy about this because I don't want to have to keep buying clothes and end up with a whole bunch of clothes in every single size between here and 55kgs.

B - 235
250ml soymilk - 155
1 pear- 80

L - 443
40 g dried banana - 143
54 g of cashews - 300

S - 310
500 ml soymilk - 310

D - 187
140 g tofu- 137
2 cups soup - 50

Calories - 1175 calories
Exercise - 1 hr. tennis
H2O - 32 oz water


  1. Do you have second hand or consignment shops? I find these quite handy when my weight is going down (or up) and I know I won't be staying at that weight for any real length of time. They're much less expensive and you can find some really nice things in there sometimes.

  2. You must be in pretty good shape. My tennis lessons were easy. My friend hit the ball, I ran towards it. Sometimes I hit the ball. Sometimes it went over the net. After half an hour, I would offer to buy pizza. I liked those lessons.

    All joking aside, I am very proud of you. Tennis is a very hard game. You have a lot of spunk and determination to tackle it!


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