Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Day 147

My strange mood still hasn't lifted but at least my food is back on track. Still have to work on my water and exercise.

B - 407
1 banana - 60
50 g dried fruit - 82
113 g soymilk - 65
52 g oatmeal - 200
16 oz/470ml H2O

S - 245

250/8 oz yogurt- 245
16 oz/470ml H2O

L - 250
3 caps of Pea and vegetable soup - 250

D - 450
Cheese and vegetable quiche - 450

Calories - 1352
Exercise - 0
H2O - 32 oz


  1. It'll come back... Winter doldrums?

  2. I have no idea how you can survive on 1350 calories every day. I am only joking, but be careful that you do not end up anorexic.

  3. Ironside, worrying about anorexia at this point is like worrying about drowning in a desert.

    Sayre I think you have hit the nail on the head. It is so grey in England right now, I feel like getting into bed and not getting out until spring.

    Tracy, I hope you don't have too long to wait for those pictures. ;P Thanks for the link recommendation, but I'm only interested in weight loss blogs and as it is, there's not enough time in the day to visit those I'm already linked to.

  4. Yes. I agree with Sayre, get your self a huge poster of something warm and inviting, like a tropical island to gaze at.Dreary days can affect our moods,hope your feeling better soon.


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