Monday, 3 December 2007

Day 148 - A Song For You

Had a better day today than yesterday. Was able to get back on track food wise though I had an appointment this morning and had to leave early so did not get to exercise as planned.

B - 466
Cooked apple, dried fruit,cinnamon and agave- 208
52 g oatmeal - 200
150 ml soymilk - 62
16oz H2O

L - 245
250g/8 oz yogurt- 245
16 oz/470ml H2O

S - 197
28g/1oz cheese - 114
2 tbls hummus - 63
1 carrot - 20

D - 250
3 cups Pea and vegetable soup - 250

Calories - 1158
Exercise - 0
H2O - 32 oz


  1. I can't see or hear that song (it's just the title and the rest is blank for me...), so I'm not obviously not going to comment on that...

    I haven't been here in a while, but WOW! Your blog looks great! Love the layout and the rewards with pictures in the sidebar! Hopefully I'll get some extra internet time in soon, so I can catch up on your blog... :)

    Take care.

  2. Love Whitney. Don't care too much for Bobby - but I will forgive her for that.

  3. hey chick!

    link onto the Diary of a writing diva at the SPP site - I think JJ or TS needs some huggles!

    Still waiting for the headless horseman pics!



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