Friday, 30 November 2007

Day 151

My honey and I attended a one day Basic First Aid training course conducted by the British Red Cross today. We kept talking about doing the course for many years but never got around to it until today.

The course was fantastic and such an eye opener. We learnt how to respond to all kinds of trauma, including severe burns, wounds, seizures, heart attacks, choking, drowning. If you have never done a first aid course, do one ASAP. The skills you learn may save a life and it may be the life of someone you love dearly.

B - 470
Cooked apple, dried fruit,cinnamon and agave- 208
52 g oatmeal - 200
150 ml soymilk - 62

16oz H2O

Quiche and salad - (calories unknown)
8 oz H2O

Quiche and salad - (calories unknown)
8 oz H2O

2 sweet biscuits and chocolates (calories unknown)
8 oz H2O

Calories - 470 + unknown calories
Exercise - 0
H2O - 40 oz


  1. Yay go Nona!! You tell em! :) Fascinating huh? Now you'll realise why I'm addicted to ambo.

  2. Good for you, Nona! I have, over the years taken about 4 CPR classes. It's probably time for a refresher. Thanks for the reminder!


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