Wednesday, 16 June 2010

It feels like ages since I've written here or been around to read everyone's blogs. Maybe it hasn't been that long in reality but it feels like I've lived a couple of life times since my last post.

Anyway, the lovely Peridot asked me in the comments last week how I manage to lose 1.8kgs in a week. Well, I only lost .5 kgs/about 1 lb. this week and I haven't changed anything much so who knows? I thought though that since I'm almost halfway to my goal, I'd take this moment to share my strategy as I promised back in March.

As some of you who've been on this journey with me for a while know, I've been struggling since January 2005 to lose weight I gained since I began to date my husband in 2000. It has mostly been 1 step forward and 3 backward for me until March of this year when I visited my doctor. I'd been avoiding her because in spite of her best efforts to help me, I'd put on about 12kgs/28lbs. between visits, instead of losing like I was supposed to. During that visit in March, the shock of an elevated blood pressure reading combined with reaching an all time high of 94.5 kgs=208lbs=almost 15 stone combined with a stern warning from my doctor, made me super motivated to do whatever I needed to do to lose the excess weight once and for all.

  • I chose to jump start my efforts with the Cambridge weight plan which was designed by a research scientist from Cambridge University, called Dr. Alan Howard in the 1980s. The plan which was approved by my doctor and administered by a counsellor, provided the simple, uncomplicated structure and approach that I needed to get me going. It really gave me the boost I needed to get my weight moving and helped me to develop a plan for eating that works for me.
  • Next, I chose exercise that was convenient and easy to fit into my day. That involved using the elliptical trainer which lives on my patio and walking instead of taking the bus or tube when I could. Since my elliptical trainer broke I've had to rely on walking alone for my exercise. I walk every day without exception and on average cover 8 kilometers/ 5 miles a day.
  • I've also been working on readjusting my mental attitude by listening to an audio version of the book The Beck Diet Solution. This is a six week programme which employs Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to address the challenges faced by people who have battled emotional eating and/or binging their entire life. I can't say enough good about this programme. It has helped me immensely to develop strategies to overcome self-sabotage.
  • I also use the audio CD version of Paul McKenna's I Can Make You Thin. Paul uses the power of suggestion (hypnosis) and positive thinking to help break the self-destructive patterns with food. He is a little smarmy for my taste, but I have found his strategies really helpful and do recommend him. I really like the audio books because I can listen to them while I walk and exercise.

  • Finally, I'm currently reading Thin for Life. The author interviewed 160 people who lost lots of weight and kept if off for years and condensed these interviews into 10 keys to success. A very inspiring book indeed that I also recommend.

  • The thing that has helped me the most though is probably my attitude. When I left the Doctors office back in March I realised that I was killing myself. I acknowledged that if that was my intention then I could continue merrily on my path but if I wanted to live then I needed to get really serious. I accepted then and there that if I wanted to be at a healthy weight and feel comfortable in my own body then I'd have to put my health before everything else in my life because without that I have nothing anyway. Putting my health first has meant that I've been giving the word "NO" a serious workout. This isn't always comfortable for me, but it's often the most self-nurturing thing I do for myself in any given day.
So that's what I've been doing to lose weight, overcome self-sabotage and promote a healthier lifestyle. This may or may not be helpful to someone out there but it's been my path and has certainly been working for me. Until it stops working, it's what I'll continue to do. Now it's time to start my visiting rounds and find out what everyone has been up to.


  1. You are awesome. You've really got a great plan, and I love your research. Congrats on how awesome you've done!

  2. Nona, thanks for all your encouraging comments! I wish we lived in the same area we could totally work out together! Have a great week.

  3. Thanks for sharing all the details. You are doing great! I love reading your blog!

    Oh and yes, if you want to know about a hair product, I am your girl! LOL!!

  4. More questions I'm afraid! So, are you still doing Cambridge? Is it totally meal replacements?



  5. Thanks for clueing us in! Even though I have all the motivation in the world, I'm having trouble following through. The intense heat of the last week (which will continue into next week apparenlty) has totally sapped my energy. I do not do well in a hot climate and I find exercise to be an even bigger chore when it's hot outside. Even if I'm exercising INSIDE! Weird, huh? The only thing that's saving me is the urge to do yard work, where I get very hot and very sweaty then jump into the pool to cool myself off before attacking it again. It really doesn't make much sense, does it?

    My brain is also sluggish. I can't seem to plan for meals, so I make/buy whatever the guys want - which really isn't good for me.

    I need to check out some of your resources and become re-inspired. I just hope I can hang on to it for longer than a few days!

    I'm so proud of you for your accomplishments! You inspire me!

  6. I am glad you are posting again. I am going to check out some of the books you are reading. You are doing great.

  7. I think the attitude change is the key to all the other changes. Glad to see that you're still on track.

  8. hi thanks fir visiting, sorry for confusing you over Alexandra park, i've never been to London so its defo not the one you were thinking of. its much closer to manchester.

  9. Thank Heavens that you are back!! It was kind of sad to blog without you around, and I literally have stopped. Facebook is not that difficult, though there are those who just want to have their best friends and family on it, so I can respect that! Good luck, and thanks for the recommendations!!

  10. Congrats, Nona! You won a prize in the first Taking Less Space giveaway! Visit my blog to find out more info!


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