Tuesday, 8 June 2010

This Week's Eureka Moment:
"If I want to lose weight and keep it off forever I have to learn to celebrate in different ways other than with food. If I keep celebrating with food, I'll put myself at risk for gaining weight and NO celebration is worth that!"
Dr. Judith Beck
Who knew walking could be so addictive??? I have been burning up the sidewalks all over London. I used to hobble along at a snail's pace being overtaken by little children and senior citizens with canes when I started walking back at the beginning of April, now I'm leaving scorch marks behind me. Even my 6'3 86kg/190lb husband has to work to keep up with me now. LMAO!!!

Since the elliptical broke, I've had to use walking as my main source of aerobic exercise. I walk everyday, NO exceptions!!! Even if I'm not planning to go out on weekends I put on my sneakers and off I go. I love those sneakers. since I bought them I haven't worn shoes. I live in those sneakers and even though this may sound a little crazy, I think they encourage me to walk and walk and walk. I actually started to run this weekend but I stopped myself after a few minutes, because I have osteoarthritis and don't want to stress my knees more than I need to right now.

Who knew walking could be so effective??? I lost 1.8kgs/3.9lbs this week which means bye bye wretched OBESITY, hello OVERWEIGHT!!!

World Cup fever is in the air and the English flag has been popping up here and there. I'm not a huge football fan myself but the two main men in my life - my husband and my dad - are, and when they get excited I pay attention

My husband nurtured dreams of being a footballer when he was a little boy, and my dad actually works for the North, Central and Caribbean Football Association (CONCACAF) as well as the International Football Federation, (FIFA) who are the organisers of the world cup. He has attended every world cup for as far back as I can remember and is now in South Africa for this one. This will be his last World Cup he claims. He is 74 and is just not up to flying around the world constantly and staying in this country and that for sometimes months at at time. Poor him!!!

Anyway, daddy sent me this amazing video and I just had to post it here. I don't know if you have to be a football fan to appreciate it but to my mind it is the most brilliantly executed short story of the amazing talent of some of the best players in the world right now and a real testimony to how much 'the beautiful game' means to millions of fans in every corner of the globe.


  1. Congrats on leaving the obesity range! And I love that you're loving walking--it's cheap and easy. I tend to do lots of it, too. Although I'm certainly not as fast as you!

  2. Amazing work on your loss! I am not a huge footbal fan, but I love the World Cup. I love events that bring coutries together (World Cup, Olympics). I am actually in a poll. Good Luck this week adn keep up the amazing work!

    Kudos to your Dad for attending all the world cups, that is amazing! I am sure he can get another 2 or 3 under his belt ;)

  3. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you, I cannot wait to be in the 'just' overweight range (never thought I'd say that!)

    I'm starting to get World Cup fever now, I don't normally follow football, but it's kind of hard to avoid it at the mo, so I guess if you can't beat 'em, join em'!

    Well done again, you're doing great!

  4. How great that you have discovered a love for walking. And the pounds are melting away:) My son and his friends had a world cup party already. I guess any excuse for a teen to party is a good one to them.

  5. I hear you on the addiction... I was like that with my treadmill until the tendonitis. Doc says it's overuse. Argh! I'm back to it, but much slower as I have to build up. What I'd really like to do is scorch the sidewalks like you!!!

    We enjoy watching the World Cup here and there, but the USA isn't as big a soccer country as most others. Personally, I like watching soccer a lot more than football!

  6. lovely video!!

    I'm glad you're burning up the walks! Keep going lady! Leave everybody behind!

  7. Good job! Hitting those milestones are encouraging.

  8. For the last week I keep telling myself ... tomorrow I am going to start walking. Then I don't! That's it! You have motivated me to start today!
    I am horrible at housekeeping too! oh! But I try!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. HOW do you lose that amount of weight in a week? I'm begging for your secret.


  10. Also, I just want to tell you how much I love your comments on my blog! LOVE THEM! Thank you!


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